Here at Highland we are focused on three things Connecting with people, Growing with each other in scripture and Going out and evangelizing in any way that we can!


Act Now Lubbock

If you are looking for a place to go and serve the community and share the love of Christ to to the Act Now Lubbock website to see different options to go and love Lubbock. Act Now Lubbock gives you opportunities to check out local ministries and even sign up to volunteer!

Follow the link below to visit the Act Now Lubbock website.

Baby Closet

The Baby Closet has been going on for years and has been able to help thousands of families get clothes, toys or anything we have to give them to help their children! It is located across the street from the church in the shopping center and, in case you are wondering, we never charge a family anything. We just want to be able to share the love of God to families! If you are need of baby clothes or other items, we would love to see you on a Tuesday or Wednesday between 1pm and 3pm!

Follow the link below go to the Baby Closet website.


Trujillo, Peru

We are on our second year of mission work in Trujillo, Peru. While there we are able care for the dental, medical, building and spiritual needs of those in Peru. Last year we were able to serve hundreds medically and see others come to know the Love of Christ. Pray for our trip June 5 – July 12, 2020.